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18th September
Assembly Year 2J
End of Term 3

5th October
Labour Day Holiday

6th October
Term 4 begins

19th October
Pupil Free Day

20th - 23rd October
Book Fair

7th November

St Patrick's Parish Fete

2nd December

Year 6C Graduation Night



Fridays 2.30pm

P&F Meetings
1st Thursday of each month
5.15pm in Resource Centre


Saturday 19th September St George 8.30am
Saturday 19th September Thallon 11am
Sunday 20th September St George 8.30am
(Mass with Sunday School for children)
Sunday 27th September St George 8.30am
Sunday 27th September Bollon 11.30am
Saturday 3rd October St George 6.00pm
Sunday 4th October Dirranbandi 7.30am
Sunday 4th October Hebel 10.00am Fr Collins
Saturday 10th October Dirranbandi 6.00pm
Sunday 11th October St George 8.30am
Sunday 11th October Thallon 10.00am

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Welcome to our website.....

St Patrick’s is the Catholic Primary School of St Patrick’s Parish in St George and is part of the Catholic Education family in the Diocese of Toowoomba.  Our school exists not to be different but to make a difference and to present a vision of reality that has its origins in the gospel of Jesus.  Some of the most important characteristics of a Catholic School are listed below:

  • The Catholic School is a faith community.  It is a place where God is named and recognised and where gospel values are reflected.
  • It is  focused towards evangelisation.  By the example of community members, students see how faith and contemporary life can be integrated.
  • It is oriented towards total development of the individual – spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual.
  • It enhances the dignity of each person.
  • It has a special orientation towards the marginalised.
  • Catholic Education Office Toowoomba
    Catholic Education Office
    It values openness and seeks truth.
  • It is characterised by hopefulness.

When enrolling students at St Patrick’s, I  believe that  I am enrolling not only the child/ren but the whole family.  To achieve the best educational outcomes for a child, positive and close partnerships must be formed between school and home.  We recognise that parents are the first educators and it is our role to support and enhance this education.  We are very proud of our students and it is our hope that whatever they do in life, they will be able to recall the values we hold true here at St Patrick’s, to help  them along life’s journey.

Lesley Jarrett ~ Principal

Community News      

Congratulations to our students that competed at the Goondiwindi Horse Sports on Friday 11th September. They showed great sportsmanship and horse riding skills.

We had some excellent results: 1st - Overall Primary School, 3rd in the March Past, Kate - 6 years Champion, Holly - 10 years Champion, Lauren - 12 years Reserve Champion, Fred - 7 years Reserve Champion.

Congratulations Year 5 on a big term. We have made some good jumps in reading, spelling and number facts but there are still some children who need to consolidate further, but well done everyone. Some new practices have been implemented into the morning rotation to hopefully counteract these learning areas. Well done to the positive way students have embraced these changes, striving as well as helping others to achieve. Behaviour is still of concern within the group as a whole and I speak daily to students about expectations and what they need to do to make the right choices. There is improvement, where some days are better than others, however there is still a lot of work to do in this area. Please speak with your child about behavioural expectations and finishing the year in a positive way.

Enrol now for Prep 2016YEAR 6C
As term three draws to an end, year six have been busy working on the following:

Science Investigation – Water Wheels To finish off the science unit focusing on energy, year six students designed an investigation that focused on the effeciency of water wheels.

I investigated what happens to the weight on our waterwheel when we change the length of the blades. I found out that the 5cm blade was faster at bringing up the nail compared to the 10cm blade. – Chelsea

My group investigated what happens to the weight when we change the material of our blades. We tested paddle pop sticks and plastic spoons. Both water wheels worked quite well in the end however the plastic spoons worked the best. – Alice

Maths Investigation - Throughout week 9 students have been working on the maths investigation ‘Are diving athletes getting better over time?’ Below are some of the answers students found:

In the Synchronized Women 10m Platform Diving the athletes are not getting better over time because their scores are going down as the years go on. I think this is because the judges are scoring them harder and because the difficulties of the dives are getting higher. – Olivia

In the Women’s 10m Platform Diving I think they have not improved as stayed around the same scores because the divers are being coached the same way. – Lisbon

In the 10m Platform Diving for men I think the divers are improving. I know this because the lines on my graph are going up more and they have better scores. – Samuel

Everyone looked very colourful in their footy jerseys on Friday 4th September in support Footy Colours Day. This year we raised $207 in Gold Coin donations.

This money will be donated to aid in Cancer Research for Young Children living with Cancer.


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